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Welcome to

Here I am today....

...and when I was a bit younger

Here we have my Mom and Dad ( the picture was taken in 1989 NOT 1889 !! They are not THAT old !)

Me and my friends. From the right:Joakim,Vegard,Per Gunnar and Myself

My Snazzy List of Links

The Simpsons:
The Simpsons sliding puzzle:
Bart Simpsons memory match:
Mom and Dad's Honda Pacific Coast 800 Pages:
The Childrens Parade , May 17th 2000:
Air Show at Sola Airport, June 4. 2000:
Some pictures from Our Motorcycle Tour of U.S.A., June/July 2000:
The Havdurknotten Soccer Tournament, November 12. 2000:

Vidar LÝvik

Working on the homepage ;-)
Vidar LÝvik

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